I create a Nunit easyRepro test. I installed easyRepro using NuGet and copied TestSettings.cs from sample project. I changed the namespace of the TestSettings.cs in my project but I am having error 'BrowserOptions' does not contain a definition for UCIPerformanceMode for the last line of the below code.

public static BrowserOptions Options = new BrowserOptions


BrowserType = (BrowserType)Enum.Parse(typeof(BrowserType), Type),

PrivateMode = true,

FireEvents = false,

Headless = false,

UserAgent = false,

DefaultThinkTime = 2000,

RemoteBrowserType = (BrowserType)Enum.Parse(typeof(BrowserType), RemoteType),

RemoteHubServer = new Uri(RemoteHubServerURL),

UCITestMode = true,

UCIPerformanceMode = true


Do we really need to set UCIPerformanceMode since I commented out without causing any error when run my test. Is UCIPerformanceMode obsolete since I have NuGet latest stable version of easyRepro?

Thanks very much for all your reply!