I have created a flow which is about the following:

-When a new email arrives, based on some conditions a new record will be created in the Cases entity.

In Dynamics CRM 365, the attachments are stored in the "Notes" entity, and for each case, the attached images will display in the "Notes" navigation.

What I want to achieve is the following:

- When a new email arrives contains attachments, and the case is created, I would like to display in the "Notes" navigation the attached images that was sent from the email.

Please have a look at this screenshot:

I have tried to fill the Regarding ID to my own user GUID and as a regarding type contacts. As a result the Notes navigation not filled with the attached image. Also I have tried to use the "Case ID" from a create record case action but I didn't know what I should choose because I didn't find something related to the Cases entity.

What should be the Regarding ID, and the Regarding Type of the Notes create record action for the attached image display in "Notes" inside the created case?

Can you please provide an example and explain in detail to achieve the following scenario?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!