So we know that the Dynamics 365 for Outlook COM add-in (app) has been deprecated. One thing we use this for is simple export to Dynamics Worksheets in Excel. If you have this add-in installed, it makes it easy: simply export a dynamic worksheet from the entity/view you wish, then any time you need to update it, go to the Data tab in Excel and click "Refresh from Dynamics 365."

However, I do not addressed with the server-side app. I read through the transition playbook and it does mention that you can do a Power Query, but in testing this, it's way more convoluted than the Refresh button, which was very simple for end-users to deploy. Now, I'm having to set an API URL connection, get all tables from SQL, then drill down and remove tables. This is also much slower; takes about 10-15 seconds where the add-in took about 3-5 seconds.

Without the add-in, you can export to a dynamic worksheet, but when you go to refresh from within Excel, there is no connection. You get an error.

Without the COM add-in, Dynamics worksheets don't seem to work as expected. Has Microsoft addressed this?