Hi guys

I have configured the D365 Portal to show some Notes on one of our forms. I've also sorted the Entity Permissions and everything has been working perfectly fine. Recently we had a request to allow users who are not the Created By of the Note to edit the Notes in the Portal. How we have this configured atm, the context menu will appear against a Note if you are the creator of the Note. So if I created the Note then I could edit it but if someone else did then I can see the Note but cannot edit it.

We have the Parent Entity Permission setup at Contact Scope (but we've tried everything up to and including Global) and the Child Entity Permission was at Parent (and was working as expected) but we've moved this to Global but we still have the same issue.

Anyone have any ideas if it's possible to allow Notes to be edited by others and if so, can you throw any light on how the Permission structure should look?

If that's not an option are there any other suggests to how I could sort this? The Notes are created using a Workflow so I was thinking we could have the Workflow run as SYSTEM (as any Note created by SYSTEM appears to be editable) but I know that SYSTEM is added as the Note creation requires a CRM User to create the note back in the CRM itself. Just wasn't sure how to run a Workflow against SYSTEM (what the actual account name was basically).