Hi all,

In SSRS Text Box Properties, we have the option of "Allow height to increase", or "CanGrow", so that the text box height can be expanded dynamically when the cell is bigger than it.  

Now I'm having a subreport within a cell, while the cell is bigger.  But the subreport bottom border is not showing (I already had both the subreport border in the main report file set to solid black, and also the subreport file border set to solid black).  It shows fine in Preview in VS, but not in Dynamics.

In Dynamics:

In VS "Preview":

I've been browsing for a way to either expand the subreport like the Text Box so the bottom row can fill in the cell so we don't need to show the bottom border for that, OR show the bottom border successfully (all bottom borders related to that subreport located in main or sub-report are already set to be shown).

Does anyone have any idea how I can achieve either of above?

Thanks a lot in advance!