I currently use CRM 2011 and we had a developer, years ago, use SCRIBE to connect CRM to our AMS system for passing data.  One field that is not passing that has been requested is the Notes section under Notes & Activities on a sales record.  I was looking to add that to the SCRIBE connection but I am having difficulties finding the element ID.  When I open the form editor and go down to the Notes & Activites area and expand, I see Notes and a full text box.  When I click on the text box, Change Properties in the header bar grays out.  When I click on the surrounding border that says notes, I can open up Change Properties but instead of a unique name like all the other fields have, I am given a name of {58433D50-760E-4e03-BB38-DA312B950253}.  I obviously don't see that as an option in my SCRIBE connection.  Is this field not accessible for connecting through SCRIBE on a data pass?  I know that the notes area generates a new records in SQL for each note added to the record but I assumed I should be able to still pass it over.