I am wondering if anyone knows how to retrieve the last post from a timeline of an account or opportunity and display it in a field on a view. I have been able to do this with notes or annotations in Dynamics but I have no been able to figure out a way to do this with posts. When looking at the post entity within powerapps there are no "description", "text" fields to pull into a view or manage through any workflow. What's weird is that I can create a workflow that when a post is made it is pushed to Microsoft Teams but I cannot associate it with an account etc... There are some limitations within how many entities manage a single post within Dynamics. 

Thank you for any help or thoughts in the right direction. I am hoping its possible to get the text associated with a post and make it show up in a field of "Last Post" on a view such as "All Accounts" or "All Opportunities". Having this possible would save my team a lot of time from having to manually copy and paste every post into a spreadsheet to show a consolidated status and text update of what is happening with an account or opportunity. 

All the best,