The Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem is a fast-growing industry, especially after the release of the Dynamics 365. The demand for dynamic professionals will increase as more and more companies digitize their business processes and seek to increase the value of their IT work.

So when you need a technical consultant, job consultant, developer, or practice officer to gain a mobility CRM certificate, you significantly increase your value as an IT professional. This will not only help you get a higher salary, but will also help differentiate you from other job seekers and increase the attractiveness of potential employers. The same study indicated that 86% of surveyed executives prefer a Microsoft-certified job applicant.

And when you have this amazing job, you will be paid a better salary if you have a badge in your name. Microsoft says employees with the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate or (MCSA) certification can earn "$ 16,000 more per year" from their non-certified IT partners.