Dear Sir,

I have published a Power BI embedded report in a CRM Portal with a Liquid tag.

The CustomerRole is a Power BI user role in DAX: CustomerName = "IBM"

{% powerbi authentication_type:"powerbiembedded" path:"" roles:userroles1 %}

This works just fine, the dashboard is filtered in the portal with IBM records.

But now a want to use the CustomerRole for dynamic RLS, so I use the Power BI DAX Userprincipalname () function. (through the embedded API it is just a string...)

I want to pass on the Customer "IBM" for example.

The CustomerRole is now a Dynamic RLS user role: CustomerName = Userprincipalname ()

Question: How can I bind the "IBM" parameter to the CustomerRole in the liquid tag ? So that the "IBM" filter is passed on to the Power BI Model to filter out the IBM records in the Power BI dashboard.

In Powershell for example the code looks like this:
$bodyRLS = "{'accessLevel': 'View', 'identities': [{'username': 'BlaBla','roles': ['CustomerRole'],'datasets': ['5ba066-07224171cfa5']}]}"

Hope you can shine a light on this.

Thanx in advanced.