I just tried using the Dynamics 365 mobile app for Android to test my model-driven Power Apps app, and I'm having a problem. I couldn't find any mention of the Dynamics 365 app in the Power Apps forums, so I thought I'd post here. I have created a business process flow that has a step that triggers a cloud flow. When I try to run this step from the mobile app, it comes up with a screen with the title "Login to flow" and a login button. If I click on the login button, it tries to open the chrome browser on my phone and then the browser disappears and I'm back to the Login to flow screen. I realize the cloud flow step is in preview, so maybe I'm being overly optimistic that it will work in the mobile app, but I'm hoping it will be supported and the bug fixed. Has anyone tried using the cloud flow step feature in the mobile app? Were you able to get it working successfully?