Hi dears,

I'm facing a pretty big design issue for a solution. This is meant to go on a 365 On prem environment.

This is about a Customer Service Scenario, with a pretty intense activity and data migration is required as well with around 20TB or attachments for the last 5 years. Of course, the problem is also scalability of the system, considering we have around 5TB of attachments every year.

Of course, the DB cannot be the solution. 

One possible solution could be Sharepoint, I would have to setup a Sharepoint server (are you aware of total size of a sharpeoint on premise site?), however this could have a huge impact, because I would have to replicate the complex security model also on Sharepoint, and manage every change in the security model (new users, reassignment of cases etc) also on document visibility in Sharepoint.

My other idea, I ask if it is applicable, would be to trigger an integration any time an attachment is created, save my files in another server\file system that is only accessible by the integration user. The attachment is then removed from the activity, and the URL is set instead. When the user clicks on the URL, it triggers a Plugin that retrieves the content of the document from the file server (with the Integration User), and download in the user machine.

Does it seem applicable to you? Have you other ideas to manage this huge quantity of files?