Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Some background on our organization:  

  • We currently have no CRM in use.
  • We have a worldwide footprint but my oversight is specific to the United States and CA
  • Currently in the middle of moving our ERP system to Microsoft.
  • Field sales team of about 200 including support people who maintain their schedule and appointments in outlook on their IPhone.
  • Field sales team equipped with Laptops and IOS based cell phones.
  • Sales dashboards are in or moving to Power BI.  (Yes I am addicted to it)

This is my challenge.  I need to identify what the front line sales interface will be for our team. Optimally the app on their phone would allow them to schedule appointments, have a few customizable fields to allow us to request some data like type of sales call (select one), who it is with (customer) and on what predefined subject the call is about.

As our organization continues to move forward with D365, everyone seems to dodge my question about this front line interface/app that our reps will use. (if its not outlook what will it be that functions the same way)

I have committed to our team that I will not support a model that involves them sitting at home at night inputting their calls for the day in their laptop.  Whatever we use needs to fit in with their present workflow via their phone in the field with the addition of a few more requested details as I noted above and the ability for us to summarize/tabulate the calls by rep over a period of time and show the results in CRM or on their Dashboard.

Collection of this sales call type/details will allow us to connect sales activities to sales outcomes but I have to start the measurement at the grass roots level.

A few of our industry business partners have advised me that they have not had success with making this happen in Dynamics and their reps had to use a laptop. 

Would be interested in hearing if anyone else has figured this out or if I should cash in the 401k and start a company to develop it.  :)