I was looking for a solution to using our rather outdated (but very functional) access Database and I was contacted by a local company who sold me the idea of a Dynamics 365 solution. Unfortunately, I suspect that they didn't really know what they were doing, and to cut a very long story short, they took about 2.5 years to get just the sales side of things sorted! So, 6 months ago I contacted another company who told me what a bad job the first company had made of it and offered an overhaul of the existing system and to add sage integration. I was told it was about 7 days work. it took 2 months before they started and now, 4 months later it is still in the sandbox! This is affecting my business now so badly that I am desperate to move it forward when this phase is complete and it goes live however, I am very reluctant to use the second company to continue the development. Can anyone suggest a way toward for me? I am looking for someone who will provide an honest assessment of the time required to move it forward and to stick to their word?