Hi folks,

We already using the Batch request to Create/Update bulk records using the CRM Web API and everything working fine and now we are trying to use the Content-ID as reference URI parameters in create request to associate the records in the same Batch request as instructed by Microsoft in the below screenshot or site Link.


In this above Batch request eg. -  

1. Create request - "leads" with Content-ID referenced as "1"

2. Create request- "contacts" with Content-ID referenced as "2"

3. Create request - "accounts" with Content-ID referenced as "3" and used the Content-ID (1 & 2)  to associate the leads & contacts in below accounts create request

{ "name":"IcM Account", "originatingleadid@odata.bind":"$1", "primarycontactid@odata.bind":"$2" } 


We tried but not luck so far, really appreciate if anyone already used this feature, can share the right way to do this  ?

CRM version using - Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2016 (