Hello All,

We are in a little bit of a predicament. We used to have 2 different CRM environments within the same tenant. With the new UCI and Model Drive Apps we decided there was more benefit in merging the 2 environments than keeping them separate. We were initially going down the path of creating an SSIS package to merge the environments but ended up engaging a vendor to assist with the lift. Their recommended approach was to export import contacts, accounts, and other custom entities but the emails would not be able to be migrated this way. Under the guidance we then create a separate custom non-activity "historical" entity, created custom fields to house the email data, and migrate using Flow. Since their approach seemed logical we bailed on the SSIS approach.

A couple of months and a few more grey hairs later we are still struggling to migrate the emails. We have bailed on the initial approach and we are attempting to engage the SSIS route again. The issue we are running into is the To, From, CC fields are giving us an issue. This is being caused buy the GUIDs in the old system not matching the GUIDs in the new (due to the aforementioned export/import process). We are trying to explore all options to get the emails from the "old" into the new system.

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions to execute this data migration?

Thank You,

Stephen B