Having three issues, probably all related to the timezone calendar. Only recently started using Dynamics so a bit of a noob.

We just migrated from an old instance to a new one, and having problems with the migrated data. Created new Calendar templates and resource per state in Australia.

Issue 1: Every time a resource submits leave against their work template (Calendar resource), it updates the master template so everyone can see. Obviously an issue for booking leave.
Any ideas?

Issue 2: On some of the migrated projects, the below error pops up

  - Dates and values are displayed in your time zone. Because the project could take place in a different time zone, the project schedule may appear incorrect.

Unsure what is causing this, it also causes an error with the Resource Reconciliation Tab under Projects:

All resources have the same work hour template assigned, the same as the Project, which also matches my local systems timezone and personal preference timezone within Dynamics,

Leading to the third issue, unable to delete a resource from the Team tab within the Project. It only seems to be one resource, and they can be assigned to additional Projects. However, have been unable to assign them to a task within the project they are booked against.

Any help would be most appreciated. Googled all over with no results,

Thanks heaps!

Microsoft Dynamics 365

2021 release wave 1 enabled

Server version: 9.2.21041.00153Client version: 1.4.2494-2104.1