I need to convert SQL based report to fetch based report.

there are 3 parameter "region" which displays all region. "I'd" which displays all IDs and "type" which has option to select region , id or none.

When region is selected as option in type parameter, Region parameter should display all the region value fetched and ID parameter should display "Blank". If the I'd option is selected in type parameter, Region parameter should display "Blank" as value and only id parameter should display all ids retrieved from dataset.If none is selected as option in type, both I'd and region parameter should display Blank as value.

Issue I am facing is, the region and I'd parameter displays Blank multiple times based on the number of records fetched.

In dataset field expression I have written if type parameter value is region display region else blank. Similarly for I'd field. So when retrieving these field values in parameters it displays blank multiple times.

I tried to use filter option in dataset properties by filtering based on type parameter but then only one parameter works.

Can anyone suggest any approch to resolve this.