I am having a challenge to implement 2 things.


Have a custom entity with emails in Dynamics 365 and would like user to select from the list in Outlook and send email to them.

Solution 1:

We tried using D365 Apps for Outlook. We are able to show the custom entity list of emails from Dynamics 365 in D365 App for Outlook Addin (see image attached0.  The problem is not being able to add a button to the custom entity grid that when the user click the button it would copy the emails ("Or Text") to the "To" or "Cc" box in outlook (new email message).

I am thinking of putting a command button using "Ribbon Work Bench" on the custom entity. This would be displayed on the list of records on the list view. The problem is to get the javascript to copy the data over to the "To" or "Cc".

Solution 2:

Create a outlook Add-in with Javascript that would connect to Dynamics 365 from the Outlook Add-In and display a list of records from D365 from the list the user would select what they want and click "Copy To" to "To" in outlook message. 

Problem: I can not find a way to connect to Dynamics 365 from Outlook Add-In using Javascript.

Does anyone have the code to connect to Dynamics 365 from outlook Add-in using Javascript?