Hey guys!!

I'm looking for a kind of best practice regarding entity privileges for Contacts and Activities.

We have a client who needs about 15 business Units, all on the same level in the BU-hierarchy (all parallel to each other).

Most of the Contacts and Activities (85%) can be visible across all BUs (org wide).

However there are some few areas where they do have Contacts (like politicians or VIPs) that should not be visible across Business Units. Same for some Activities. For example communication with politicians or VIP's shouldn't be exposed to general staff.

However the employees that work in politician or VIP conact management also want to use Outlook E-Mail tracking as well as Dynamics Marketing.

Two options:

A) provide BU-wide access to Contacts and Activities.

Because we have many folks from sister BUs that need access to other BUs Contacts and Activities, I'd create one Owner Team "Staff form other BU" in each of those BU's that need to share their Contacts and Activities to other BUs staff and than provide that Owner Team with BU-wide access to Contacts & Activities. Than an employee can become member of say 11 other BU's "Staff form other BU"-Owner Teams and get access to all 12 BU's Contacts and Activities.

- clear and easy to setup security definition

- Performance, if for a huge number of Activities and Contacts access is given to by Team Membership within other BU's.
- because 85% of the records should anyway be visible for everybody it looks like a bit too much of cross BU-access rights (?)

B) provide mainly ORG-wide access to Contacts and Activities
and than try to shift "sensible" Contacts and Activities into custom tables (and if necessary delete the originating Activities)

- Performance (because org-wide access)

- NO Activity can be hidden unless you delete it (Activitiy Entities are either ALL in or ALL out when configuring security=> custom entity can't be of type Activity, if you want to hide it)
- complicated to implement
- E-Mail-Tracking uses Acitivites
- Dyn Marketing needs Contacts

My preference is A) but how is it with performance if you have around 1 million Contacts and each of them maybe 15 Activities per year?