Why is the plugin-type statistics table empty?

I have checked the following:

  1. I have system admin security role
  2. We are using CRM Online
  3. My plug-ins are registered in sandbox mode, enabled and have been running for weeks
  4. I can't find a setting that turns on plug-in type statistics.
  5. Tracing is enabled for all plugins (I don't think this matters but FYI)

The "Write a plug-in" article documents in the Performance considerations section that plug-in type statistics are written within 30 minutes.

It also documents that "This data is also available for you to browse using the Power Platform Admin Center. Select Analytics > Common Data Service Dataverse > Plug-ins." However that page doesn't allow me to drill down on a particular plugin to analyze its performance. The filters are date range only (not by plugin) and the average time seems to be for all plugins.

Is there a way to populate the plugin-type statistics table? I would like to know on average how long a particular plugin is taking and make adjustments and monitor its performance.