Hi Guys,

I have been a "CRM Dynamics Administrator" - my official title for 5 years. I work on a on-premise instance of CRM, doing configuration, customisation and escalating coding requests to the development team.

Last year I began getting certifications and now I have MB200, MB210, MB2-716, and PL200 certifications. Recently I also acquired MB230 specifically for a customer service rollout I have begun.

I have moved in the last 6 months from a purely internal facing role to starting a dynamics 365 practice within my organisation and am halfway through my first deployment of a customer's dynamics CRM rollout. I have just completed a proposal for a second customer.

Given my experience of 5 years in the platform and internally I am taking requirements, handling documentation and performing customisations within the system as well as managing internal customer expectations and externally I am facilitating workshops and leading the delivery component of the projects,

I have a review booked in a months time what is an appropriate title to describe the value I am providing? I personally find administrator to not fully encompass the breadth of the value I provide within the organisation