I am having troubles with a particular new process I am trying to create. We want to utilize a clickdimensions form to capture data from a contact and move it over to an existing account to utilize for a marketing trigger to send a message to all contacts associated with the account. Since Clickdimensions only works with contacts/leads, we are running into data issues linking it to the correct account. While we could utilize the "Company Name" OOTB lookup field, but we have many instances where we have multiple accounts that have the same name. Leaving that process as is risks a marketing triggered email to be sent to an incorrect account of the same name.

I am looking to see if there is a no code process to utilize a unique account number that will be entered on this form to make sure that the "company name" gets linked to the correct account in our system. Perhaps creating a separate field on the contact that houses this number and a workflow to look for an account with the same number in our existing custom account field and link it. We are trying to