I have a user with a unique set of schedule board needs. After a direct investment in a Microsoft Partner Solution and non-stop problems with it, They were told by a team of Microsoft executives that Field Services was not designed to meet their specific needs and it will not be possible to meet their production scheduling needs within the D365 Field Services Module. 

This has activated the search for a software product that sits outside or on-top of D365 but integrates with D365 Data and facilitates the back and forth transmission of data in real time between the two systems. 

The user has a main top level business unit that is able to see into all child business units data. However the 500 child business units that sit in parallel with each other underneath the parent are independently running businesses that are isolated from each other due to security, finance, and resource reasons.  

Each of the 500 use internal crew resources that have transparency into the members of that crew. Because of this, users can assign resource requirements and skills to individual crew members which can roll up onto the crew object itself. 

Also, each of the 500 use external crews that are completely opaque. The external crews may have 20 members or 5 but the users know what skills and resource requirements said crew will have on any given day. One of the major incompatibilities for example is for External Crew X, TODAY that crew can output 60 man hours of work in an 8 hour workday, has 2 lifts, and has 3 engineering specialists. However TOMORROW the exact same crew can only output  25 man hours of work in an 8 hour work day, has 0 lifts, and has 1 engineering specialist. The job is a 10 day job, so while Crew X works perfect today, a combination of Crew X and Crew A and Crew F are needed for tomorrow. The software needs to facilitate users with the ability to change those things realtime and dynamically adjust the scheduling as necessary via drag and drop and be easy.

There are 20+ other incompatible use cases where a team of Microsoft Corporate Executives sat with the stakeholders for hours in conference with Microsoft Corporate D365 Product designers and deliberated ultimately concluding that D365 Field Services cannot handle the 20+ specific requirements and was designed to meet an entirely different set of usage needs. The recommendation from Microsoft was to find another product for scheduling and integrate that with D365 data.

Keep in mind there are employees whose full time job is to manage the schedule board by changing these things and re-scheduling and re-routing resources and crews. 

Is anyone aware of a software product that integrates with D365 CE that is capable of meeting the needs that Field Services is unable to meet as per the example in bold above?