Hi Community.

I need to update some old CLOSED quotes with a different status reason. Some were closed as Revised but should be Won; some were closed as won but they should be cancelled instead.

I could just simply reopen them and close them again with the correct status/status reason. However, we a workflow to assure the all quotes must be approved before being closed. And if I reopen them manually to change their status, I'll have to get them all approved again, and all these steps would change all the historic details - would change the close date, the signature date, so on.

That said, I thought about another workflow to change the status of these quotes. Tried that, of course, it doesn't work as they are already closed. I even tried to activate the quote before closing it again, but it didn't work either.

And I'm stuck...

Does any one have any idea what I can do? 

Thank you!