On the main CRM-Sales User Interface for the Opportunities table, there is the "Run Reports" list of developed reports available to the business users.

I created a new report with the Opportunities entity using the Report Wizard. I was able to add columns, filters, Group filters, Configure Sorting, and add Groupings by key fields.

However, I would like to add a "Count" function within the report to count the number of Organization levels setup within each Opportunity and report that number as a column in the report. Essentially I would like the count function to be in the filters, or setup as a separate placeholder in the report, to count the number or organization level records within each Opportunity.

In the Report Wizard there doesn't appear to be an option to include either one of those capabilities.

At this time the work around is to have my users download the report to EXCEL, the add the count function, and use a Pivot table to isolate the Organization level counts.

Is there a way to include a count function in the Report Wizard? Is there a way to add SQL code to calculate counts in a report?