Hi all,

Quick question. I've noticed some of my queues in Dynamics have resynced some of the older emails in that inbox back into Dynamics again. So just to summarise what I've been doing:

I've created a process to archive and then delete old emails tracked in Dynamics (either from the Outlook App, queues etc) in order to clear space in Dynamics as emails take up way too much storage for us.

This was all fine but recently a few people have noticed that some of the old emails which I've previously deleted are syncing back into Dynamics via the queues again. It goes back to ones that were created in 2019. I've never seen this behaviour before when I deleted the emails. Is this a bug? Can I stop this from happening? Otherwise what's the point in clearing up email space in Dynamics if they're going to be tracked back again. Seems to be via the new automatic record creation process.

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