I have a flow that calculates the duration of each status in tasks. every time the status changes, I get in a field the duration that was spent on this status.(I'm using from the Audit history to calculate this)
I use in my flow a formula to format the time for all date fields the same. I.e. all date fields what I use here, like UTCnow() or Created on and etc.... are formatted in my flow in a similar form and all with this formula: formatDateTime(outputs('Get_Time_Changing'), 'MM-dd-yyy HH:mm')

Now when other user tries to run the flow with his account, he gets an error at the formatting step: ''Template language expressions in the inputs of the action "Time_Changing" in row "1" and column "23129" cannot be processed: An invalid value was specified in the "formatDateTime" function for the date/time string "10/14/2021 22:18". The datetime string must conform to the ISO 8601 format.''

Although I can always calculate the duration in Task with my user without any problem.
I'm really clueless here as I actually did the formatting within my flow and it shouldn't care who is running the flow with what time format on their system.
Does anyone have any suggestions or idea?

Thanks in advance!