I've encountered a bizarre issue where Recurring Duplicate Detection Jobs are still running to schedule, even though they have been cancelled. If I try and delete the cancelled job, the log file states

Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: The state transition requested is not valid for the current state. Current state: 3, current status: 32, target state: 0.

Environment Details

On premise v9, patched to

When we setup the original jobs, it was sending out a completion email but with the wrong hyperlink for the completed job. So we changed the template and setup new jobs one at a time, cancelling the old job once we had received a job completion email with the revised template. We then noticed it was sending out two emails, one with the old template and one with the new, so we've cancelled all the recurring jobs (even though half were already cancelled) but this has only stopped one set of emails and the ones were still receiving contain the old wrong link.

Is there anywhere else I can check, maybe on the server, to see where these jobs are still active?