Dear Community

I've the following situation and I would like to know if you can help me.

I'm running a contact marketing campaign, and for each contact that has the list, a phone call is created

ex. 100 contacts equals 100 phone call, each contact have the owner (Agent) and each phone call have the same Agent.

Request: My client needs that D365 automatically update the due date field of the phone call, depending on the number of calls that the agent must contact daily (This is a new entity called "Call Management", with a field called "Number of calls per day")

ex. 10 calls per day for "Agent 1" with date = Today == 10 phone calls randomly updated with the same agent 1 with due date = today

I appreciate so much your help, if it's need to do an out of the box development for this, is Ok. but if we could doing this issue through the Cloud Flow/ Scripts will be better.

Thanks and if you need more info, please ask me