I'm on Dynamics 2016 on Prem with ADFS 2.0 (I think) on a Windows 2012 Server.

So we have a very extensive 3rd party plugin that needs to be tested. In order to do that we decided to duplicate the VM for our On Prem CRM Server and Database and then attempt to rename / re-setup connections.  

There are a lot of guides that show you how to create a sandbox environment, however that would be the same as it uses the same machine as production, correct?  

I want a total separate copy of our crm environment, so our 3rd party vendor can "play" and we can take vm snapshots if he has a DFU.  

I've duplicated our CRM and sql databases already.  I've been attempting to change host names for the ADFS and CRM.  There are so many (sts1, adfs., crm., auth., etc). Then i have to reissue certs to new hosts, etc, etc..

I am now questioning if i'm going about this the right way, is there an easier way to accomplish what I need.  Any guides out there?

-Michael A.