We are having an issue where the Audit History appears to be delayed for some records. We have a flow that creates Case and its related records (Patient and Interview). We have observed that in some instances, the Audit History will show the Create message right away and sometimes it takes several days before we can see the Create messages in the Audit History. In addition, the Case, Patient, and Interview records are all created using a flow and at the same time. Sometimes the Patient and Interview will display the Create message and not the Case and sometimes the Case with show the Create message but the other records won't. But then if we go back several days later, all Audit History entries are there. It seems random. This issue has also been observed on field value changes as well. Sometime the change appears immediately in the Audit History and sometimes it could take days to appear. This is very concerning since we absolutely need to be able to see the Audits in as close to real time as possible. Waiting days for an Audit History update in not acceptable.

Does anyone know why this happens and can we do something so that the Audit History is ALWAYS updated immediately?