Our Lead form dynamically shows Contact or Company information based on a value chose on a different field.  If I fill out Contact Info (first, last, etc) and subsequently create an activity, the Regarding field on the activity populates correctly.  However, if it's a Company and I create an activity the Regarding field shows up as (No Name).  I've determined that it's because the Name field (fullname) isn't populated on Lead form when our lead is a Company.

I was able to fix the issue by putting the Company Name in the First Name field onSave of the Lead.  That works fine until I Qualify the Lead and since there are values in both the Company Name and Name field it creates both a Contact and Company.  

Does anyone know how I can I resolve this so I can see the Regarding field properly for Company related activities without having to create a workaround by putting something in the first or name field?