We are using Dynamics 365 Customer Service as a servicedesk tool (we are a MSP). We get hundreds/thousands of email a day. A large portion of them is reply to messages which carry the earlier conversations with them. This gives a big load of clutter/chaos on the timeline, because some information is repeatedly send over and over. Most email contain redundant information.

In systems like Jira, the system sends notification-emails with this addition ‘Pleas reply above this line’ (see the screenshot). This function ensures that all previous information is not shown in the new reply mail in the Servicedesk system. Even Microsoft Support uses this technique in their own support system:

Screenshot Email

This will reduce the load of double information exponentially.

The question; is it possible, and how can we achieve this in Dynamics 365. I think this is possible to do with Power Automate. But the question is how, I can’t figure it out. Maybe you guys had a similar case?

Thanks in advance