Hi folks,

I am facing a strange behavior in MS Dynamics CRM 3.0 when I try to view reports from Account: if I use pcs with Windows XP and IE 8.0 installed it seems that the parameter @CRM_filteredaccount is not sent to the report server and the result is that I get back a non filtered report (i.e. if I want to view all of the orders from a single account I get back all of the orders of all of the accounts).

On the other side, if I use a pc with Windows 7 and IE 8.0 the reports run perfectly.

All of the reports behave in the same way. 

The reports have worked perfectly since 2008. They started to act like this since I changed the SMTP server using the "repair" function in control panel. I don't know if this could be related to my problem.

It is very urgent to solve this problem to me. Any help would be really appreciated.