As like previous posters before me I would like to find out where MSE actually listens? Actual blogs and news feeds.

It is too general to say to customers who you are trying to sell this to, oh it listens on facebook ( well only your own page), twitter (yes true, you could listen directly from tweetdeck or similar), and a few blogs and news feeds that I can't list. That's not good enough. They come back to me with 100's of sites that the free tool they are using have named.

Also to say Linkedin is on a roadmap, surely this is a key social account for B2B businesses.

Instagram is now one of the largest social channels and not even a mention! Tripadvisor is massive for the hotel industry, is there any plans for this.

What is the roadmap, what is coming up, if you expect people to buy this, then you need to supply more information.