Effective January 16, 2019, Microsoft will no longer offer Microsoft Social Engagement (MSE) for new customers. If you are a current Dynamics 365 customer, you can continue using the Microsoft Social Engagement service for the remainder of your subscription or until the discontinuation of service on January 16, 2020, whichever is sooner. These changes may require your organization to take advance action prior to the end of your contract to transition to an alternative solution.

Dynamics 365 will focus on enabling businesses with AI-powered social and web insights rather than just with social listening capabilities. Hence, Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued. Combined capabilities and insights through social and web interactions powered by sources such as Bing search, will be offered through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights. The social and web insights can help marketing, social media and product teams understand what their customers and competitors are saying, seeking, and feeling.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights can help users gain insights and win market by monitoring external information sources, both social media and trending search terms on the web. The public preview of this application is available in many countries and languages, listed in the Availability Deck. Pricing and licensing information will be available during GA release. Please refer to the April 2019 Release Notes, expected to be published on January 21, 2019, for information about additional capabilities planned to be released in future.

We suggest customers to try the public preview of Dynamics 365 Market Insights to help meet their needs.


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Support options

For questions related to transitioning, please contact your Microsoft representative or partner or email MSEeol@microsoft.com.