A fundamental part when recording corporate videos are interviews or testimonies, large-scale audiovisual documents that serve to know how people who work in our company think. From our blog we dig a little deeper into this type of recordings and we offer a series of important tips for the interview to be a success.

The importance of adding testimonials in the corporate video is based on humanizing a specific company and making it closer and personal. By having these statements, we are not only offering information, but we are also showing our values ​​to the customer.

Carrying out an interview or testimony supposes to have a perfect commercial tool, being the main thread the experiences lived in the day to day of a worker of your organization.

They are not journalistic interviews

It is necessary to point out that when we talk about an interview for a corporate video production Company in Dubai, we do not refer to the traditional journalistic interview. The purpose of an interview about one of our employees is to have a series of statements or testimonies already agreed with the person in charge of putting voice to those messages that the company wishes to transmit to the potential client.

There are many aspects that we must take into consideration if we want to execute a good testimony and it is very important to take care of every last detail. If we make a mistake of some seriousness, all the values ​​that we want to make reach the spectator will lose force and the interview will not be so valuable.

Clean messages

It is advisable to memorize the concept and not the phrases, to achieve a more natural and a more credible message. The answers must be clear, short and concise, avoiding subjunctive or subordinate phrases at all times. In this way, the message and information will be much cleaner.

In addition to being important what is said, it is equally valuable how it is said. It is vital to have security in the statements and to speak without haste. The most effective is to take breaks when the prayer requires it. This way we will transmit to the spectator tranquility and confidence.

Non-verbal communication

The hands are another of the communicative elements that we have when we prepare to make a testimony. They are part of non-verbal language and it is advisable to move them when speaking to transmit more naturalness and spontaneity.

Environment of the interview

To begin with, no more people than necessary should be present so that the interlocutor does not become distracted or nervous. In addition, you have to choose a space without noise to obtain better results in the capture of sound.

Another point to note is that the interviews must be done all together, so it is necessary to coordinate this aspect with the employees who will participate in them. The easiest thing is to set an hour for each one, with a difference of 20 minutes between each interviewee.

The producer will need at least 30 minutes to prepare the set. Therefore, the first testimony must be convened half an hour later.

On the other hand, the testimonies should be chosen well according to the position, communication skills, gender (it is convenient that there is parity between men and women) and availability.

Adequate clothing

One of the fundamental aspects to give a good image to our clients is to take good care of the wardrobe. It goes without saying that it must be clean and be suitable for the image that the company wants to transmit.

Duration of the audiovisual document

The seconds we dedicate to interviews in our corporate video should not be excessive. The time used to make testimonies during the filming of a corporate video should not exceed 25%. If we lengthen it too much we would be taking time away from other elements and contents of the recording, equal or more important than the statements of the workers.