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  • Forum Post: Re: Mobile client for CRM 4.0

    Hi, The browser-based version for CRM 4.0, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express, is supposed to be available in beta late 2008 according to Microsoft. Microsoft has a Windows Mobile client for CRM 4.0 in the works through a joint effort with TenDigits but it hasn't been released yet . Several Independant...
  • Forum Post: Re: Leads/Contacts/Accounts/Opportunities

    Generally speaking the definitions are quite flexible but here is the common definition: Lead: An unqualified opportunity. This could be as simple as a business card or a conversation overheard in a pub Contact: The individuals your business interacts with during the normal course of the day (normally...
  • Forum Post: Re: Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework

    There was a component called the Bridge Framework and it was great. Microsoft themselves used this in some of their demos and the part of it people remember was the ability to adjust a quote in Word and send this information directly back to CRM from the Word screen. The bad news is it was available...
  • Forum Post: Re: Installing MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 on VPC

    The implementation guide is a good start ( Essentially though you install the server and then install the client. The pre-checks will tell you what you're missing. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: tax and discount

    Could you use a discount list and set the minimum to 1? Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: mobile crm for 4.0?

    There are two main players that I know of: CWR Mobility ( ) which works on the Windows Mobile platform TenDigits ( ) which works on BlackBerry From memory, Microsoft is working with TenDigits to also bring their solution to the Windows Mobile...
  • Forum Post: Re: Print a form

    Hi Greg, If you're wanting to print the opportunity, you can do this from the opportunity form with the print icon. However, if you're looking to print off a customized form as part of your workflow, your best bet is to create the form and then link it into the form as a report. Even if...
  • Forum Post: Re: Move CRM4 contact data to Outlook?

    You need to look for the local data rules and modify the rules for Contacts. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Track in CRM for Appoinments

    In the user options (CRM-Options). On the general tab you can turn off what gets synched between CRM and Outlook. Turn off the 'Appointment' option and it should stop synching. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: More help desiding Business Units

    It also depends on whether you will be running reports based on a user's department. As a general rule I create the structure as it saves messing around later on. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Migrating CRM 4.0 to a new server

    Broadly speaking you install CRM 4.0 on the new server and you can then restore the VMWare CRM DB onto the new SQL server and add it in via the deployment manager. The implementation guide gives information on this:
  • Forum Post: Re: Recommended Resources for New Users?

    There is a downloadable user guide from Microsoft which may go into more detail Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Notify owner when another user updates their case

    I have created a workflow that sends an email to the owner of a case when another user updates their case. The email contains the name of the user who modified the case. The workflow is straight forward; it simply looks for a change to the ModifiedBy attribute. If the “Case:Owner does not equal Case...
  • Forum Post: Re: Re: Re: Re: Relationship b/n Account, Contact and Opportunity Entities

    Hi Henrik Once again many thanks for your help with this! If anyone else has any suggestions on how to overcome this problem please leave a post. Kinga
  • Forum Post: Re: Relationship b/n Account, Contact and Opportunity Entities

    I have had 2 suggestions so far as to how to overcome my problem but I still have some questions... Does anyone know of a reason why I couldn't just igore the OOTB setup for the Opportunity Contact in the Opportunity Entity (which is either an Account or a Contact), hide this field on the Opportunity...
  • Blog Post: Plug-ins vs. Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Today’s guest blogger is programmer and CRM aficionado Pablo Peralta . I frequently get this question: When should I write a plug-in in Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus a workflow ? This dilemma is faced whenever custom logic must be executed in a pre and...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Dynamics CRM: How much do we love diagrams?

    You want wire and flow diagrams for Microsoft Dynamics CRM ? We have diagrams galore. Here is a wealth of diagrams we released as part of R4 in November, starting with the overview diagram here: read more )
  • Blog Post: Connect your SDK application to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

    Until recently, applications that connected to CRM Online were required to use certificates as part of the authentication process. Only a limited set of certificates were supported and there was a cost to buy the certificate. The latest (R5) version of...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center Redux

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center for 4.0 and Online has become a very popular place to find information. The following tables highlight the top videos for CRM Online and CRM On Premises last month. CRM Online: Top 5 Videos in June Accept an...( read more )
  • Blog Post: xRM Showcase Challenge Results

    The xRM Showcase Challenge is over!  Thank you, CRM community, for your participation and votes.  And the winners are: 1st Place with 469 Votes : CIT MiFID – Compliant Client Registration Process for Asset Management Firms submitted by Columbus...( read more )
  • Blog Post: CRM 4.0 Loading Live Environment Data to Test/Dev

    This is most questions or scenario we encounter I had encounter while working CRM and that is we want to load Live Environment Data to Test/UAT or Development environment. I decided to give it go and following are detailed step to achieve this in CRM 4.0. STEP 1: Back up existing Live Database ...
  • Blog Post: CRM 4.0 AD Security Groups

    When you installed CRM 4.0 then CRM 4.0 installation system creates list of Activity Directory security groups. Following is the list of security groups that are created as part of CRM 4.0 installed process and their purpose in brief. PrivUserGroup The account that the CRMAppPool application pool...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Service Level Agreements

    There are a variety of plans that include corporate support—from basic to advanced, depending on your needs. You can also access online self-support 24 hours a day. Remember, you can also purchase or upgrade a service plan through your Microsoft Certified...( read more )
  • Blog Post: CRM Data Generator

    Just came across requirement where we needed to generate lots of data in CRM system.. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration Tools (for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0) provides lots of functionality and one of them is Generate Bulk Data for any CRM entity with just few clicks…see below steps for the...
  • Blog Post: So You Want to Become Custom Report Writer Expert

    Guest blogger and CRM MVP Donna Edwards talks about a power-user toolset that help you become a proficient report writer. I frequently come across posts in the Microsoft Dynamics Community Forums from people who have various questions regarding building...( read more )