• AJ Ansari posted on 4 Apr 2017 1:14 AM

    I've only been active on the forum for about a month, and I see a that a few select individuals have a tendency to respond to a thread without reading other forum member's responses.

    As a result, their response is either a duplication of someone else's response (but in their own words, usually shorter and less detailed), or a response that is hardly helpful / contextually related to the original poster's question.

    Am I the only one annoyed by this, and do the moderators do anything about this? As someone noted in another thread, some of this may be a result of the leaderboards and some individuals' desire to game the system.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Community Manager responded on 4 Apr 2017 5:21 PM

    AJ Ansari,

    Appreciate the feedback! Please forward threads with duplicate or unhelpful replies to site admin or a Community moderator. You can find moderators by product here and you can contact site admin by email or via private message. We will review each case and put users into moderation if required. 

  • Crispin John Augustine responded on 9 Aug 2017 6:37 AM

    Dear Admin,

    I face a similar example, which can be considered as an extension of AJ Ansari's concern.


    Here are multiple successive comments which clearly appear to be a copy of mine, and the gentleman who asked the question has credited the copied responses as the 'answer', whereas he has agreed to my comment as the right answer.

    And funny enough, a 'thank you' comment is also marked as the answer.

    Clearly the gentleman (who appears to be a new user) hasn't read the 'Get started' page before making use of this forum.

    Could you please look at this thread and kindly offer a comment/action?

    Thanks and kind regards,


  • Microsoft Dynamics Community Manager responded on 9 Aug 2017 4:34 PM

    Hi Crispin,

    Thank you for the message! We reviewed the thread in question and updated the Verification flags. If you come across more threads like this please send me or a Community moderator a message to review. We will connect with the thread author in private and share tips on using the forums. 

  • Crispin John Augustine responded on 10 Aug 2017 3:42 AM

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the super-prompt response as always! Much appreciated!

    On the same note, could you also kindly review the following threads:



    Thanks in advance

  • Vilmos Kintera responded on 4 Sep 2017 4:03 AM

    You may find more examples of repetitive or 0 added value answers almost daily in the AX threads:




    And a fresh one, 3 replies for the same:


  • Oleg van den Boogaard responded on 20 Sep 2017 9:17 AM

    community.dynamics.com/.../125166, there is an e-mail adres posted to obtain an excel sheet and is marked as suggested answer.

  • Visvash Walia responded on 6 Oct 2017 3:56 AM

    Very well Crispin..

    Just would like to say something about this thread, You should see the thread again and see the time difference between your comment or Hakim and mine comment( less than or equal to 5 mins).And its totally wrong to say that the comments are copy of yours comment. Well, It would even good to say that it is same as your suggestion not "copy".And, sometimes I often saw on community that while posting suggestions/comments against any thread , it says "an error occurred " or sometimes internet might be very slow so that why not getting updated thread with others members already answered while posting suggestions/comments. That's completely wrong statement acc. to me.

     And if you see the thread , I agreed with your last comment there (that why I liked your comment) but it doesn't mean that other members has not valid suggestions but just because they were suggested/commented after a small gap of time (due to some reason or above mentioned reason) than you so they haven't suggested right answers. This merely wrong. And also well done to "Microsoft Dynamics Community Manager"for your correction...HEAD SOFT TO YOU :)

      Anyways, I always appreciated this forum because I learned so much from here ( from experts specially). And I merely use this thread for learning purpose not for gaining any bedges or something... Please don't mind it merely my opinion.

    Thanks to all ..

  • Crispin John Augustine responded on 6 Oct 2017 5:12 AM

    Hi Visvash,

    Thanks for your Response. I agree with you on the Point, that it is possible that multiple users start typing a comment at the same time, but when you post it, you see multiple comments posted in the meantime. I have come across this myself. Here's an example :  https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/p/226956/615429#615429  

    I guess there are a few ways of dealing with it. One can select one's own comment, click Action>>Delete>> there's a reason 'Duplicate comment', and proceed. Or comment publicly as in my example. 

    I guess, that works best, considering the ease of the user who will search for an answer in this thread in the future. 

  • Visvash Walia responded on 6 Oct 2017 7:17 AM

    Do not get me wrong please.. its merely my opinion and sometimes it happens that many members have similar suggestions ...

    You all guys are doing great job anyways..