Dear All,

i have got few questions for Dynamics 365 assessment, not sure who would be the best to help me as a partner?

  • What is the Dynamics 365 components high level Architecture components? couldn't find useful reference on Microsoft sites yet, any recommendations!!
  • How Dynamics 365 connect with WEB and Mobile Application? What's the High Level architecture would look like? couldn't find in Microsoft reference for this yet as well!
  • Could Dynamics 365 be used as a booking system as well or does it require additional development? is it a separate component with API integration?
  • Does dynamics 365 components with separate databases (Marketing, Sales, F&O, Field services, CX and PM) connect in a central common database for reporting? i presume each component got it's own database but is there a common database?
  • does Dynamics 365 has Rates and Tariff’s Engine or can integrate with one? is it also a development component? or separate with integration?
  • does Dynamics 365 provide access management and control system or can integrate with one? what's Microsoft most suitable?