Hi everyone, 

My name is Alex and I am after some guidance regarding my future career. I have spent 4 years in UK military service working as a IT systems administrator on O365. I have mainly worked on SharePoint administration but have exposure and experience with other 365 apps (PowerApps, PowerBI, Flow etc). I am due to leave service in May 2020 and after much research have decided to pursue a career as Dynamics Functional Consultant.

However, the issue I am having is that there are many avenues within Dynamics and it almost seems vital to choose the correct path from the start. I have started learning about Dynamics through multiple online vendors to gain as much knowledge as possible. The time has now come to start picking some courses to become certified. I am looking for peoples opinions/ experiences to give me some direction. 

I am interested in both ERP/CRM but I am not sure how much prior knowledge would be required to explore a career in the respective fields? would I require extensive financial knowledge to pursue Finance and Operations Financials or sales knowledge to embark on a career in as a functional consultant in sales?

Thanks in advance.