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Supply Chain Management forum Product attributes question

Last replied Posted on by Phoenix123 141

Hello community,   I would like to know about the use cases of product attributes. I understand they can be created and assigned to products...

Microsoft Dynamics AX forum add vendor reply with only approved item with vendors

Last replied Posted on by atef@83 757

Dear all when i creat PR and select items with approved vendor , for example i have in PR 5 item every item with his vendor when i create RFQ and send to vendor i need to send the item for his vendor only not for all the vendor is it possible Also...

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Supply Chain Management forum Vendor Invoice

Last replied Posted on by Daria Krzewina 28

Hello,    Please let me know if there is a way to post vendor Invoice with a different unit of measure than matched po and product recei...

Sales forum Web resource method does not exist - Switching BPF

Last replied Posted on by AM-12060339-0 7

Hitting an error here: web resource method does not exist.    Appears the code is ok but I could be missing something here!   I a...

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Business Central forum Bank Reconciliation - Outstanding Bank Transactions amount problem

Last replied Posted on by JS-13061735-0 4

Hi everyone,   Recently, when I do the bank reconciliations, I found out there is a unreasonable amount appear on the report's "Outstanding B...

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Supply Chain Management forum Exclude item without transaction from counting

Last replied Posted on by Valentin DORNIER 20

Hello experts !  Is there a way to exclude items for which no transactions have been made when generating a count job ?    I'm usi...

Business Central forum item adjustment in directed location

Last replied Posted on by Aspen 96

Hi    Here is the situation. User has several directed locations in BC but none of them has set up adjustment bins. They have made posit...

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Supply Chain Management forum Unable to Provision Vendor User

Last replied Posted on by Gepoy 482

Hi, I'm trying to create a user for vendor (vendor collaboration), unfortunately when I provision a vendor user, it prompts me with an error - The vendor collaboration access setting has been successfully applied. However, the request to ...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM forum How to create production to sandbox environment it will not affect to production environment

Last replied Posted on by CU20061102-0

We created sandbox environment. Now if we are doing some changes into the sandbox it was affecting somehow in our production environment. how solve t...

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Finance forum Odata action method in D365Fo

Last replied Posted on by @rp@n 5,877

Hi Team,   I am new to Odata action method.    Kindly send me some reference, how we can create a Odata action method and how wil...


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