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Why budget control triggered for negative amount ?

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Posted on by 898
I'm using Budget control to check my company budgeting. While everything is ok, I find it quite strange when I have purchase line negative (the quantity is negative), there is also Budget check mark in front of the line. Is this the correct behavior ?
The negative line is put in same PO with my other purchase line which is positive. This negative actually play role as Discount item. This is our strategy for discount (although I know there is discount column at each line).
Seems odd looking at the negative amount also have check mark for budget checking.
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    Community member 898 on at
    Why budget control triggered for negative amount ?
    Hi all,
    Thank you and noted. Actually not an issue, only feel weird since in that line we decrease the amount, if taking the specific line (negative), my thought only there is no need to include this. But I guess that is how the system works.
    Yes, for the discount, is because the system is integrate with external party, and the external party don' t have that Discount column feature.
    Thanks you all for the explanation.
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    saurabh bharti 14,883 Super User on at
    Why budget control triggered for negative amount ?
    Hi ,
    I think control will work for all the type of lines for controlling budget.
    It might check at line as well as total level which will be positive +discount both.
    Curios on one thing, why can't you use discount feature on same line rather than adding negative line
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    Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    Why budget control triggered for negative amount ?
    For the specified dimensions and main accounts, you will run a budget check. The system checks each line item against the budget to ensure spending does not exceed allocated funds. When performing budget checks, the system considers both positive and negative line items to accurately reflect total spending and ensure it remains within budget limits. You can check out this blog, which mentions the steps of budget control and mentions that if the system prompts that the budget is exceeded when performing a budget check, the quantity of the purchase order can be reduced to less than or equal to the available budget funds. Therefore, Negative numbers are allowed and expected behavior.
    Best Regards,
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    Ramit Paul Profile Picture
    Ramit Paul 18,201 Super User on at
    Why budget control triggered for negative amount ?
    Budget check mark means it falls under the budget control configuration setup and applicable to check budget and it did, it checks regardless of amount as soon as main account dimensions are applicable to check.

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