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List of .NET events in F&O

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Is there a list of .NET events that can be subscribed to in X++?  Can I subscribe to an event in C# that is not allowed in X++?
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    List of .NET events in F&O
    Hello Judy, thanks for the response.  I have tried, but can't seem to subscribe to the event. I guess I am not understanding the examples or AX doesn't like what I am trying to do.  I have decided to move the event registration that I need to do to a C#  dll.  From X++ I will subscribe to the ApplicationStartupDelegates::onPostApplicationStartup in X++ and call my c# code that will register the events I need and handle them.  I have spent too much time on this one already and already have a C# dll so will not be too much work.  I will post my code when done.
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    List of .NET events in F&O
    In the response provided,. the events and delegates link, the examples appear to be subscribing to events raised in X++ classes.  I am looking for an X++ example where the event is being raised from the .NET framework, more specifically, from AppDomain. 
    I have found a few examples X++, but they are looking at different events.  When I try to add and event for AssemblyLoad, the compliler is not happy.  I am working on a C# solution but would really like to have this in X++.  I have not found a solution that builds, or one that can be implemented in X++ due to the complexities of the event.  Specifically, I have not been able to figure out how to add the event handler method to the AppDomain event handler.  So am still looking for an example that I can understand and implement.
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    List of .NET events in F&O
    Hi, you can subscribe to events in X++ using delegate keyword and handle the event occurrences in your code.
    Please refer to the X++ and C# comparison:

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