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Asset Management, Fixed assets or Loaned items?

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Hello, I just wanted to confirm the different use cases for Asset Management, Fixed assets and Loaned items in D365 F&O? Loaned items seems really useful for a light-tracking solution for less valuable assets.
However fixed asset management and asset management seem to have the same functionality from an overview.
Can someone please advise me on the above and some use cases where you might choose to use asset management over fixed assets?
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    Asset Management, Fixed assets or Loaned items?
    Asset management is for Maintenance process which you can link to fixed assets.
    Fixed asset to track financial data of the fixed assets.
    For the less valueable assets you may think to send as an expennse if legally possible.
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    Morgan Bazin 1,027 on at
    D365 F&O - Asset Management, Fixed assets or Loaned items?
    Fixed Assets: Financial tracking and management of assets. Used for tracking initial cost, applying periodic amortization and potentially using another asset book to track amortization for tax purposes.
    Asset Management: Also known as Enterprise Asset Management. This feature is used to track assets from a maintenance perspective. This would include tracking repair work orders to assets, creating planned maintenance schedules, using IoT to predict preventative maintenance needs, etc. 
    From a generalized perspective: Fixed assets is for accounting teams; Asset Management is for operations teams.
    They perform some similar functions, but the goals of the outputs/tracking are different.

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