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Change track for synchronous scenario

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Posted on by 315
I am looking for a solution where if we make changes to F&O data we want to scenarios to execute synchronously.
  • We need to send the data out of the system to external system.
  • We need to import some data from external system.
We can use change tracking but that is supported only for DMF which will not be synchronous. I think we can use business events for export scenario but that requires some customizations. Is there any good approach to handle these two scenarios.
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    Anthony Blake Profile Picture
    Anthony Blake 758 on at
    Change track for synchronous scenario
    For exporting, you can use business events to be notified of the change.
    Then, in a logic app triggered by your business event, you can call OData to enrich your payload, for example if there are fields from linked tables you need on the creation of a customer, you can bring these in using OData.
    For importing synchronously, you can use a logic app or Azure function to insert via OData.
  • Layan Jwei Profile Picture
    Layan Jwei 2,829 Super User on at
    Change track for synchronous scenario
    Hi Dev,
    There are multiple factors to choose the correct integration method. Like If the data is required in real time or not, if the data being exported or imported is large or not. And how frequent would the changes occur. So please give us more details on each scenario.
    For example for sending data out. Indeed you can use business events, but the payload should be small. So if you are planning to send large number of data, business events won't be an option.
    Also if the data you want to send out are just related to simple CRUD operations, then you can use data events as this one doesn't require customization if the entity is there but it requires power platform to be enabled.
    But at the end business events won't be considered exactly real time, because if for example you use business events with azure service bus, you will need middleware to pull the data from azure service bus and send to the other system.
    Layan Jweihan
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