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Unable to open BC in multiple browser tabs

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Scenario: User has Business Central open in a tab in Chrome. When they attempt to open BC in another tab, so they can multitask, they receive the error: “Something went wrong. You cannot sign in due to a technical issue. Contact your system administrator.”

why is this happening? 

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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,580 Super User on at
    Unable to open BC in multiple browser tabs
    it could be the user signed in multiple accounts on browsers which sometimes confuses BC when validating user credentials.
    agree with other experts, you need to try incognito mode which doesn't cache data like regular browser mode. 
  • Nadsch Profile Picture
    Nadsch 6 on at
    Unable to open BC in multiple browser tabs
    My customer has the same issue. They can't solve it with Go Back button. They have to sign off every time they want to open a new tap. Does someone has another solution?
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 60,007 Super User on at
    RE: Unable to open BC in multiple browser tabs

    Hi, First make sure your browser meets the minimum requirements for BC.


    Then in order to prevent conflicts with other login accounts, please try again with InPrivate/Incognito mode of Browser.


    Hope this will help.



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    Dallefeld Profile Picture
    Dallefeld 11,415 UG Leader on at
    RE: Unable to open BC in multiple browser tabs

    I get this some times when I open different environments. I click on the Go Back Home and most often that works. I only use Chrome for BC.

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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Unable to open BC in multiple browser tabs


    Looks like this more like browser - BC connection issue. Can you try to

    1) Test in different browser such as Firefox

    2) Sing out user from BC. Then close Chrome and then open and login and try.

    3) Open Incognito tab and try multiple tab. if it works then it could be an issue with browser catch.

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