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Close Quote as won and create Project Contract

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I am trying to close a Quote as won. If this is done, a Project Contract shall be created. Unfortunately that doesn't work. I saw one week ago in a TechTalk that this works. When I close the Quote it shows that it is "Processing" and after that nothing happens...

What I have done: Created a Lead -> if a lead has been qualified, an opportunity will been created -> create quote from opportunity -> create quote line(s) in the quote -> Create quote line details in the quote line.

When I want to close the Quote as won to create a Project Contract, the opportunity is on process stage "Propose."

Can anyone help here please? How can I create a Project Contract from a Quote which has been closed as won?

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  • Giannis Tsak Profile Picture
    Giannis Tsak 120 on at
    RE: Close Quote as won and create Project Contract

    Have you edited any if the attribute mappings? The values of the fields that an order inherit from the quote. I had the same problem and it was a custom optionset field in the order whose value was supposed to come from the quote and it was missing an option value.

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    Matthew Lazowski Profile Picture
    Matthew Lazowski 3,163 on at
    RE: Close Quote as won and create Project Contract

    You should be able to see the error in System Jobs. I have seen this. As Juan Simon wrote often related to price lists.

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    Juan Simon Profile Picture
    Juan Simon 996 on at
    RE: Close Quote as won and create Project Contract

    Hi DNC,

    It has always worked fine for me.

    Almost ALL the issues I have had in the past were because the setup was not done propperly.

    Cost/Sales Price List, Roles, Organizationl Units, or steps were missed etc...

    Please, check if:

    -Contract got created but the system did not take you to that page (Navigate to Project Contract)

    -Test with a different browser/user

    -Any customization that was done and it is affecting the system (like deleting things from Forms)

    -Using the wrong Organizational Unit (sometimes users setup prices in one and their user picks up another because it was not properly set)

    Let me know if this works! If not, I would open a ticket with MS.



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