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Invoice Capture - step by step ressources for complete process

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Posted on by 72
I tried to setup Invoice Capture and make it work with F&O, but I'm not happy about the results. With my setup all the elements work, but it's not assigned correctly to the PO, and not posted.  Does anyone have a good resource for the entire process?
My approach: I work with a customer system, not with dem data.
I create purchase orders with 2 lines, but items. I confirm and post the product receipt for the entire quantity.
I then create a invoice in Word with all the necessary information including purchase order and the number of the product receipt.
Here's my first issue: Invoice Capture doesn't recognize the number of product receipt. Even after using the exact same design for a dozen times I have to manually enter the number. Is there a lasso tool that allows me to highlight the data on the document, so it can be recognized automatically next time?
Next, I transfer the invoice to F&O. However, it isn't assigned to the purchase order and product receipt, and instead I have to assign it manually and then post.
This is the simplest case I can think of so I'd expect it to work without manual intervention. As far as I see others have made this process work, so there should be something missing from the setup. Is there a step-by-step guide that could help me? The articles on Microsoft Learn are for Invoice Capture or the setup for Accounts Payable,s but not for the combined process of both (at least as far as I have seen).
Thanks in advance for all help!
Best regards