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reporting issues

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Hi All,

During the estimation we list all the task in the schedule together with the time required to complete each task.

After this step we create a team who will be working on that particular project.

Normally a generic resource with a role assigned is added against each task. 


task 1 requires 4 hrs- generic resource- cloud engineer assigned to undertake that task. ( At this stage we don't know who the actual person would be who will be working on that task- so we use generic resource but we know how many hrs of cloud engineer is required.)

task 2 requires 6 hrs- Mr X (real person assigned this task as we knew that this person would be able to do this particular task.)

In total 10 hrs are estimated to complete the project, divided into 4 hrs for generic and 6 hrs for Mr X.

I want to find how many hrs of generic resource been booked for all  projects created.

How can we do it through advanced search?

I hope I made myself clear.

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    reporting issues
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    reporting issues
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    RE: reporting issues

    Hi Muhammad,

    You want to calculate total hours for all projects?

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